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#1 Breather Separator
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#5 CH250 Valve Adjustment
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#8 CH250 Driven Pulley/Clutch Repair
#9 Final Drive Oil Change
#10 Storing Your CH250 in Winter
#11 Hondaline Kenwood AM/FM Stereo
#12 Front Bumper Protector & Lower Cover Repair
#13 How To Buy A Good 1985-88 CH250
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#15 CH250 Keihin Carb Float Valve Repair
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#19 Keihin CV Carburetor Tuning
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#24 So Your Honda Scooter Won't Start?
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#26 Honda CB350 Shocks To The Honda CH250
#27 1985-88 Honda CH250 Speedo Maintenance
#28 Honda CH-250 Antifreeze/Coolant Service
#29 CH250 Charging System Checks
#30  Final Reduction and Wheel Bearing Maintenance

#17 Honda CH250 Color Crossovers
Hello Group,

Several folks have written in the past requesting color matches
for the 1985-1988 Honda CH250. According to Honda, all those
colors are no longer made. Naturally, when you ask Honda for
1985 Candy Orchard Red #R132C, they're going to say its not
available anymore. Just like when you ask them for a CH250
bystarter. That doesn't mean something else won't work equally
as well.

True, a color by that specific name will most likely, 19
years later, be unavailable. But, that color was resurrected in
1999-2002 by Honda for its automotive paints as Firepepper
Red. Perfect match including adding a stunning pearlescence
finish. The other 1985 color, Summer Blond, I was told was
matched to 2003 Honda Desert Mist Metallic.

For 1986, the Pearl Satin White is closely matched to the 2000
Cadillac Escalade's Pearl White. The Pearl Gold Black used on
the CH250 from 1986-88 is the easiest to match because it is
mostly just any metallic black with very little if any pearlescence.
Try 2004 GMC Onyx Black or, to go way out on a limb, 1999
Cadillac Escalade Pearl Black. The 1988 Myth Gray Metallic
can be obtained by using 2004 GMC Sierra exterior color Carbon
Metallic or 2004 GM truck Light Gray Metallic.

That leaves us to the last and most difficult color to get---Candy
Ruby Red, which was used on the 1985-86 CH150D and the
1987 CH250. That color is what is called in the painting industry
a tri-coat color. The base color is applied, then a transparent 
mid-coat color for depth, then the final clear coat is applied.
Because of that three-step process, touch-up right out of the bottle
is almost impossible. My body man was able to match the color by
comparing a sample of the color and mixing several colors until he
got what was close. Not exact, but very close. Time consuming 
and expensive. The Candy Ruby Red I would think would be better
matched to the original candy apple reds of the mid sixties than
anything else today. 

You also can be innovative in color sampling for your scoot. On a
sunny day, ride around the new car dealers with your scoot until
you see a color which appears to match. Place your scoot along 
side the new vehicle and step away to compare. If that's your color, 
jot down the color name and code from the new vehicle Mulroney 
label and get it at the body shop paint store.

Randy Pozzi (Rev. 6/04)

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