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#1 Breather Separator
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#5 CH250 Valve Adjustment
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#7 Pilot Screw Adjustment & Fix
#8 CH250 Driven Pulley/Clutch Repair
#9 Final Drive Oil Change
#10 Storing Your CH250 in Winter
#11 Hondaline Kenwood AM/FM Stereo
#12 Front Bumper Protector & Lower Cover Repair
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#27 1985-88 Honda CH250 Speedo Maintenance
#28 Honda CH-250 Antifreeze/Coolant Service
#29 CH250 Charging System Checks
#30  Final Reduction and Wheel Bearing Maintenance

#12 Front Bumper Protector & Front Lower Cover Repair
Hello Group,

The front bumper and protector on the 1985-88 Honda Ch250 fastens to the joined top and bottom front covers by five tabs on each side. Hidden from view underneath that bumper where the air flows into the radiator are two screws also holding the bumper in place. These two screws go through hollowed out tabs on the bumper into the front lower cover anchors which are molded on each side of the air cavity. 

In my years of servicing these bikes, I have seen very few complete intact fasteners. Some are there but are cracked by age or from oversized screws being used. Mostly, I have found one or both of these molded fasteners broken off the front lower cover still fastened to the bumper with its screw. Could of happened if the front bumper
struck something. But the biggest reason is operator error. Somebody with no clue in the first place tried to remove the bumper and didn't know about the two screws underneath then forced it off. Broken fasteners in the front mean only the tabs on the bumper side are holding it in place. 

These molded fasteners are not stress-takers by any means for their strongest dimension is 3/16 of an inch. Even the Honda service manual overlooks the screws. Molded plastic is the Achilles Heel of these bikes. You can have great mechanics and the bike will ride for years, but age takes its toll on plastic eventually robbing it of its integrity. There is a fix, a permanent fix cheap and economical. Why would I be writing if it couldn't be done? 

You'll have to remove the front bumper---aw heck, just rip it off--and the front top cover. What's left of the fastener anchors take a hack saw and get rid of them. Go to Menard's--I like Menard's--and get their Metal Shop 2" Corner Irons #225-1792, two plastic anchors,
J-B Kwick Weld and 4 8-32 screws with stop nuts. The corner irons have four pre-drilled holes. They are not drilled off-center so they are perfect. Take two corner irons and using a vise bend the "V" shape so it becomes a curved exaggerated "V". Reposition the bumper in place. Line up the corner irons so that the bottom end of the iron hole lines up with the top edge of the bumper hole. You may have to bend the corner irons several
times to get them right. Mark holes in the curved front lower panel and drill out 1/4 inch fastener holes. Drill out to 1/4 inch the iron hole you picked to fasten the bumper and insert the plastic anchor. Press anchor tightly into corner iron with any ratchet socket. Cover the anchor with a J-B Kwick Weld mix and let stand overnight. The Kwick Weld will protect the anchor from wear and age. (In fact, I use a Kwick Weld cover on all my out of sight plastic screw fasteners to protect them). 

Paint and install finished corner iron anchor with 8-32 bolts/stop nuts. Use a small 1/2" black automotive finishing screw to secure bumper to anchor. Finished, you now have a permanent secure fastening device for the bumper which won't crack, fall off, get ripped off or bend. Just try to rip it off, pal!  Randy Pozzi (Rev. 05/2003

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