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Parts Diagrams

Air Inlet Baffle Removal
Carb Removal
Crankcase Cover Removal
Moveable Drive Face Removal
Moveable Drive Face Service
Oil Change

Crankcase Cover Removal

Remove Pillion Step
See Pillion Step Removal

Remove Brake cable brackets with 8mm socket

Remove 3 Phillips head screws from drive belt air cleaner cover
You can leave the cover attached to the case cover

Remove 2 cover bolts with 10mm socket

Here is what you will have

Reverse to install

There is a rubber seal around the inner perimeter that is not pictured
(Will get one soon)
You will need to make sure it does not fall off during installation

There are 2 location dowel pins to hold the cover straight
Front lower

Middle top

As always, anti seize is good for threads going into aluminum


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